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ucla campus RESOURCES

uc-lend & Lend Clinic

UC-LEND Clinic offers ADHD, autism, and other neurodevelopmental evaluations & links patients with a care team for resources.


Bruin resource


UCLA BRC provides major programs and support groups for all UCLA students



UCLA Center for Accessible Education helps students with any accommodations & resources



Inside the platform you can do live video therapy sessions with a licensed therapist that has specialty training in OCD, as well as get support between sessions from OCD specific peer communities and self help tools.



There's no place better than your living experience with UCLA ResLife!

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COVID 19 Resources

We would like to share some important COVID-19 resources, including a list for low-income/undocumented populations and a PowerPoint for disaster preparedness.



Counseling and Psychological Services  supports your mental health needs as you pursue your academic goals. 


Reach out to us at if your student organization are interested in learning more about neurodiversity. 

Neurodiversity Cheat Sheet 

Download our quick guide to how to help identify and help our neurodiverse students!

RA Training

Download our Powerpoint presentation!

Professional Staff Training

Download our Powerpoint presentation!

General Training

Coming Soon

Click here

UCLA Queerhackathon training

Click below to access a quick guide about how to make your digital products more accessible!

NERODIVERSITY Terminology sheet

Click below to learn how to use respectful and correct terminology when addressing neurodiversity


& Sex Training

Click below to learn more about neurodiversity and sex via this collaborative training from All Brains and Sexperts!

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