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All Brains, formally known as STAND (Students Taking Action for Neurodiversity), is a student focused and student led program that plans and arranges all of our events around constant feedback from neurodiverse students at UCLA. While there is currently no program or facility at UCLA that caters to the social and emotional well-being of neurodiverse students, we collaborate with experienced programs on campus such as the Center for Accessible Education (CAE), the Bruin Resource Center (BRC), and ResLife. All Brains is proud of be the first program that caters to these needs and has hosted social events for neurodiverse students, RA trainings, and is in planning to present a training for UCLA professionals/faculty. Moreover, All Brains volunteers are currently being trained as peer coaches through the BRC GRIT program so that they can be dual trained in both neurodiversity and peer coaching for next year’s pilot program in mentoring neurodiverse students.

our story

Inspired by their peers and their community, two students and their faculty advisor saw the need for an inclusive, safe space for the neurodiverse students at UCLA. A town hall was held and feedback from neurodiverse students recognized that while there were many academic resources for them, there were little to none social resources. All Brains was formed as a dedicated program to provide social events, workshops for professional faculty/students, and peer mentorships. With neurodiversity as a relatively new concept, All Brains was eager to spread awareness to the rest of UCLA and was even more determined to make the Bruin community a larger and more respected place for students of all kinds. 

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